Event Promotion and Planning at First Presbyterian Church

To promote/communicate activities and events to the congregation and community:
  • Email to have info placed on the church website, in the weekly eblast, in the bulletin, in the newsletter, on social media platforms and on the scroll on the TV screens.  In the email, please put “announcement” in the subject line.  All pertinent details must be included in the email or the announcement will not be promoted.
The newsletter deadline is typically the last Friday of each month, but will shift if it’s near a holiday.
For inclusion in the bulletin and weekly eblast, info must be received Tuesday by 12:00 p.m.
To promote events successfully, 4-6 weeks lead-time is optimum
  • Word of mouth and hitting “share” on your social media platforms are your best avenue for talking up what is happening at FPC!
  • Work with your ministry’s staff liaison to come up with other ways to share the good news of the ministry you oversee—be creative!
  • If your event needs extra promotion or attention, reach out directly about your committee’s particular special event to Celeste Crowe, Director of Communications, at
When you are planning an event, here are some steps your committee needs to be sure to cover:
  • Is your event on the calendar? To see about available dates and rooms in the church, please be in touch with Donna Kerns ( to get your date and the location of your event locked in. Your date is NOT guaranteed unless Donna confirms with your committee/group that it is on the master calendar. Donna also assists with church van/bus reservations.
  • Do you need access to the Fellowship Hall Kitchen and/or catering services? Please be in touch with Sherry Moore (, kitchen liaison, at least two weeks in advance of your event if you need access to the FH kitchen. The church has a preferred caterer who is familiar with our kitchen space who can be lined up for your events.  To use the church’s preferred caterer will be a cost savings to your group.
  • For room set up, A/V set up and facility issues, please be in touch with Rodney Owens ( at least two weeks in advance.
For all of your events, the sooner you are in touch with the aforementioned staff persons, the more smoothly your event will run.