Good tidings and Happy Advent! What a wonderful time of year for Christian fellowship and the celebration of so many meaningful traditions.

This past Sunday, our guest teacher, Anne Efird, gave us an evocative, well researched and entertaining lesson (picture attached). Her lesson was given as a gift as she unwrapped her thoughts on Matthew’s writings on the Davidic Covenant and the coming of the Messiah. BTW, Anne is one of only two women in recent history to teach the class (the other being Dr. Vanacore). Yes…as you can see, we are wisely broadening our minds and enhancing our image.

Anne will be back again this Sunday, 12/22 at 10:00 am, to share expressions of celebration and joy and how we are blessed to be blessings. This week’s lesson will give us clarity on Mary’s view of God through the Magnificat – Mary’s song – and much more!

Speaking of song – this Sunday, the 22nd, we will also enjoy Christmas music from a 6-piece brass ensemble from our very own class-mates and members: Dick Akers and Les Dix (on trombone), David Dickson, Don Renfro and Will Vanacore (on trumpet), and Grace Dent (on French Horn). What a treat!

So, please come join-in on meaningful, well-founded men’s fellowship and study (lead by a remarkable woman) and enjoy good, ole-time Christmas music with a brassy holiday touch!

If you are coming from the Thrive service, bring us some doughnut holes. If you are going to the 11:00 o’clock service afterwards, you will enjoy a special musical performance by the Carolina Brass…a real delight to the soul.

Also, this Sunday we will choose the mission(s) that we will support with our Christmas donation(s) from the class, and you will have an opportunity to suggest your favorite recipient.

And, we will briefly discuss some ideas about a men’s “fellowship-dinner / evening-social” in someone’s home (or somewhere) after the first of the year.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Merry Christmas!

The Henderlite Men’s Bible Class