Vacation Bible School
In the interest of everyone's health and well-being, we have made the hard decision to move VBS to an online setting this year. Though we will miss getting to see everyone's faces, we are so excited to have the chance to connect with everyone virtually! Use the links and videos below for songs, games, crafts, and more! You can access the videos at any time so that VBS can fit into your schedule!

Day 1: God Creates

Join us for our first day of exploring God’s Great Big Beautiful World together! Today, we’ll look at text from Genesis 2 and learn all about how God created this awesome planet we get to call home. Then, stick around for some more activities to help us appreciate all the attention and detail God put into this world. Get ready to get your hands dirty and join God in caring for creation!
Links and Downloads
National Geographic Kids -
“Animal Track Detective!” by SciShow Kids -
“Creation Calls” song by Brian Doerksen -
Discover! Animal Tracks Answer Key

Day 2: God Tends the Earth

Welcome back to another day of exploring God’s Great Big Beautiful World! We’re so glad you stopped in again. Today, we’ll dive into Psalm 104 and think about the many, many ways that God takes care of this beloved creation. After that, we’ll enjoy some games and a craft to help us consider more of the special ways God cares for every single thing on the planet, and how we can care for them as God does!
Links and Downloads
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Live Bird Cam -
”Bird Sounds for Kids” -
“The World’s Most Beautiful Bird Songs” -
“World’s Weirdest Bird Sounds” -

Day 3: We Are Like Trees

Join us for Day 3 of a Great Big Beautiful World! Sometimes, the Bible gives us examples of ways to live by pointing to special things in nature. Today, we’ll look at several different verses that teach us ways in which we can grow strong in our faith and produce good fruit, just like healthy trees! Other activities will help us appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, and become more observant of the world that sustains us.
Links and Downloads
“Life as a Tree” by SciShow Kids -
 “Planting the Trees of Kenya” by Wangari Maathai -
“Water Crisis – A Short Introduction” -
Google Earth

Day 4: A New Creation

Welcome to our last day of Great Big Beautiful World! In Revelation 21 & 22, John invites us to think about the new heaven and new earth that God will one day bring. Today, we’ll consider what that new earth might look like, and how we can work towards bringing God’s peace and glory to this very earth we live on today! Crafts and games will help us better understand John’s vision, and encourage us to fill our great big beautiful world with more light and love.
Links and Downloads
“Top 10 Tropical Fruits You've Never Heard Of” -
“Living Near a River” in Zambia